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Available Year Round


  • Bunch = = 5 Stems
  • Box = 8 Bunches (40 stems)

Please Note: Flowers are a natural product and can vary in color in different growing seasons. We have listed colors that are readily available during normal harvest season. Other colors may be available; please call for availabilty.



  • No cancellation or refunds available less than 15 days before original pick-up/delivery date.
  • Orders cancelled more than 15 days before pick-up/delivery date will be subject to a 15% cancellation fee.
  • Orders more than 15 days before pick-up/delivery date, can be rescheduled by calling Rose Garden Floral (480-963-1857).

Rose Garden Floral provides the highest-quality bulk flowers by: processing, hydrating, and conditioning all the flowers. We also supply them in buckets of water ($6.95 per bucket) or in your buckets (provided by you).  This extra care provides maximum vase life, which direct-from-grower purchases DO NOT provide.  

  • Item #: Anthurium


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