Dapper Dan Holiday Promotion
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Rose Garden Floral is pleased to offer free 'Dapper Dan' delivery on 10-stem, designers choice garden bouquets sent to businesses through December 31. Color, theme and flower variety are left to the designer's expertise to create the beautiful garden look. Free delivery to businesses in Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe and Mesa will occur Tuesday - Friday, and will require at least 24-hours notice. These linen-wrapped, premium bouquets are made with seasonal flower blooms and unique foliage. They will be delivered in our ‘arrive alive’ packaging by our jolly 'Dapper Dan' delivery man.

Make this gift even more sweet by having a 6-inch round cake from Lisa's Rum Cake delivered with the bouquet. A strawberry french vanilla flavor with ganache topping will be the perfect treat!

Dapper Dan Holiday Promotion

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